Caring Though Music: A New Short Film by CaringKind and Bang & Olufsen

Caring Through Music documents the transformative power of music, and documents how relatives and caregivers use music to spark memories for people with Alzheimer’s.

Inspired by research showing that music is stored in a part of the brain not affected by the same degree of memory loss associated with Alzheimer’s or dementia, Caring Through Music explores how music is being used as a tool to reconnect with memories of the past in the lives of those affected by these cognitive diseases.

“The film is an honest, touching, and deeply intimate portrait of how music can open the door to memories long forgotten, and how caregivers and family members can use music to create real emotional connections with a person battling dementia”, says Lou-Ellen Barkan, President and CEO of CaringKind, and continues:

“We believe the film, along with audio equipment donated by B&O PLAY for our programs inNew York City, will allow us to further our mission of providing support to anyone whose life is touched by Alzheimer’s or dementia.“

A film about the musical being Video Director Jeppe Kolstrup, whose own grandfather had Alzheimer’s, and his team filmed people with dementia and Alzheimer’s and their caregivers listening to music from their past at CaringKind’s New York City headquarters.

“My vision was to allow the viewer a window into the experiences, good and bad, that the relatives of a person with Alzheimer’s go through,” said Jeppe Kolstrup. “I want to bring the viewer through some of the same emotions that the families go through – and really underline the effects of music on the person with Alzheimer’s and everyone involved in their care.”
Music as a transformative force Beyond supporting the short film, B&O PLAY has donated headphones and speakers to CaringKind to enhance the on-site programs for family members and professional caregivers.

The equipment will also support CaringKind’s innovative early stage center and provide much needed respite from the burden of care for family caregivers visiting CaringKind.

“At Bang & Olufsen, we strongly believe in the power of music as a transformational force. Caring Though Music is a beautiful and moving film; emotionally powerful with deep meaning for individuals and families affected by a dementia diagnosis, and we hope that the film can help create awareness about dementia and the positive impact of music,” said Jens Jermiin, Director at B&O PLAY.