Diversity and outreach efforts are designed to extend our programs and services, including education, information, training, referrals, support, advocacy and volunteerism to ethnically diverse populations. We have created linguistically appropriate informational materials and offer educational sessions to community members and professionals in Spanish, and Chinese. The African-American, Chinese, and Latino Outreach programs seek to meet the specific needs of these communities by increasing awareness of, and participation in, our programs and services.

African American Outreach

Contact Paula Rice, Manager African American Outreach
PRice@caringkindnyc.org or (646) 744-2922.

Chinese Outreach

Contact Weijing Shi, Manager, Chinese Outreach
WShi@caringkindnyc.org or (646) 744-2951.

Latino Outreach

Contact CaringKind helpline 646-744-2900

LGBT Outreach

To find out about safe, affirming services for LGBT individuals and families, please contact:
CaringKind helpline 646-744-2900