Left: Board member and Gala Chair Jon Henes, former NHL All-Star and Emmy Award winning broadcast analyst Ron Duguay and Gala MC Nigel Barker, photographer and TV personality

Right: Eric Friedman, Board members Lori Oscher Friedman and Linda LaGorga

Left: Young Leadership Honoree and Junior Committee President Laurel Crosby and Eric Burghoffer

Right: Creative Leadership Honorees Sharon Washington, Jennifer Garvey-Blackwell and Susan Stroman, and David Hyde Pierce

Left: Members of the CaringKind Board of Directors

Right: Lou-Ellen Barkan (center left) is joined by director Susan Stroman (third from left) and DOT cast members (from far left) Colin Hanlon, Sharon Washington, Marjorie Johnson, Stephen Moore, Libya Pugh, and Finnerty Steeves

Left: Board Co-Chair John Latham and Kimberly Latham

Middle: Susan Stroman and David Hyde Pierce
Right: Ron Duguay and Dr. Max Gomez

Left: John Fiore and Board member Marianne Dziuba-Fiore

Middle: Steve Maggio, Board member Stephen E. Boxer, and Carol Berne
Right: Board Co-Chair Stephen Casper and Jed A. Levine

Left: Dr. Thomas Wisniewski, Dr. Warachal E. Faison, Dr. Mary Sano, Dr. Steven H. Ferris, Dr. Peter Davies, and Dr. Mary Mittelman

Right: Board Co-Chairs Stephen Casper and John Latham, Board member and Gala Chair Jon Henes, and Board Co-Chair Benjamin Jenkins

Left: Karen Ziman, Ken Ziman, and Lori Oscher Friedman

Middle: Board member David Weinberg and Samara Weinberg
Right: Board member Jim Lavelle (back row, right) with family and friends

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