Educate Yourself About Alzheimer’s and Dementia

It’s September and back-to-school season is in full swing. While parents have been busy getting the kids ready for the start of the school year, at CaringKind ensuring that New Yorkers have the information they need to deal with a dementia or Alzheimer’s diagnosis is a year-round priority. Whether you are caring for someone who has the disease; have a friend or family member about whom you’re concerned; or if you – yourself – have been recently diagnosed, in the fight against Alzheimer’s, education is a critically important “weapon.” Too often, people dismiss the importance of Alzheimer’s educ [...]

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Breaking the News About an Alzheimer’s Diagnosis

Jed A. Levine President & CEO The doctor has just confirmed your worst fear. Your mother has Alzheimer’s.  While the sense of shock is stinging, you knew something was wrong. She had become forgetful. You found her shoe in the freezer and five cartons of milk in the kitchen cabinet. She calls the toaster the “bread-heater.” She fluctuates from being combative and apathetic. And, her driving has become erratic. This is a very stressful and emotional situation, so how do you tell a family member that their world is changing and will never be the same? The answer is simple:  armed with knowled [...]

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Jed A. Levine appointed President & CEO of CaringKind

Jed A. Levine has been appointed the new President and CEO of CaringKind, NYC’s leading expert in Alzheimer’s and dementia care for more than three decades.  In making the announcement, CaringKind also announced the retirement of Lou-Ellen Barkan who was at the helm of the organization for more than 14 years. Levine has been with CaringKind since 1990 and served most recently as Executive Vice President with responsibility for all programs and services.   Formerly known as the Alzheimer’s Association, New York City Chapter, CaringKind offers a 24-hour Helpline (646-744-2900); hundreds of free [...]

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Communicating with someone who has Alzheimer's or dementia

Let's face it, communicating with someone who has Alzheimer's or dementia is tough, particularly as the disease progresses and as changes in the brain make it difficult for the person to speak and understand even the simplest of words or ideas. When I was caring for my mother, communication problems caused us both confusion and stress. But, once I mastered a few basic guidelines, our time together was less frustrating and more enjoyable for both of us. Read full article (originally posted on ParkSlope Courier) [...]

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Caregiver Highlight: Meet Joan

Donate Today! My name is Joan and my dad has vascular dementia as a result of surviving sudden cardiac arrest in 2010. My mom took on the burden of caring for my dad for many years and it began to take a toll on her health. As time progressed, it became increasingly challenging to care for him. But, there was a bright spot. Throughout our journey, CaringKind was there for us. They listened patiently, connected us to helpful resources, and provided useful information so that we could better care for my dad. They also assisted in getting him accepted into an adult daycare program. This provide [...]

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Our Impact in 2019

8,000 Helpline Calls Answered

24-hour support. Reliable information from Dementia Experts.

3,000 Social Work CONSULTATIONS

Personalized, in-depth support, guidance and planning.

31,400 Wanderer's Safety Enrolled

Protecting New Yorkers with Alzheimer's and Dementia.

85 Support

Facilitated by a trained leader, and meeting in person; many meet weekly.

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