Life as a Caregiver

EARLY ONSET CaringKind has thousands of clients that all bring unique stories and circumstances with them, but many share the same challenges. One caregiver shared her story and it reflects the early-onset challenges faced by an increasing number of our clients: For a long time, when I worried about cognitive decline, including Alzheimer’s and related dementias, I worried about my aging parents. So, I was shocked when my 52-year-old husband started showing symptoms. In the beginning, because he was young and healthy, I didn’t know that they were symptoms of Frontotemporal Lobar Degeneration. [...]

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Life as a Caregiver

LONG-DISTANCE CaringKind has thousands of clients, all of whom bring unique stories and circumstances with them. But many share the same challenges. One long-distance caregiver shared her story and it reflects the struggles faced by so many: Caregivers always try to do their best, so I continually asked myself, “Am I spending enough time with her? Am I doing enough research? Have I called enough long-term care facilities to check them out? Have I talked to enough doctors?” If only mom was here with me, things would be so much easier, but her move to Florida after retirement made seeing her an [...]

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New York Alzheimer's Chapter Splits from Federation

For many years, a friendly division of work within the Alzheimer’s Association called for the New York City office to deliver programs and the national office in Chicago to lead advocacy efforts and promote funding for major research. Leaders of the New York City chapter say the consolidation plan would have dissolved the local board, taken the organization’s assets and jeopardized programming that supports caregivers and individuals suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, among other changes. Read more about CaringKind's journey to an independent organization on the The Wall Street Journal. [...]

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Clearing Up the Walk Confusion from Lou-Ellen Barkan

Dear Friends, After a dozen years in this job, I thank you for your loyal support of our work as we returned to our roots as an independent New York City organization and unveiled our new name, CaringKind. Building on 30 years of commitment to our local community, we are proud to be pioneering a future for Alzheimer’s and dementia caregiving that responds to the urgent needs of today. A future where no one is afraid to ask for help. Where we treat people, not a disease. And we are supported with the time and space we need to care for ourselves and each other. When you support CaringKind, 1 [...]

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Lou-Ellen Barkan's Statement on Pat Summitt

Former Tennessee basketball coach Pat Summitt has lost her five year battle with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease. Pat’s brave public battle with Alzheimer’s disease has made an immeasurable impact on the entire Alzheimer’s and dementia community. Her willingness to expand our dialogue about Alzheimer’s has focused a spotlight on the disease and its impact on family. All of us at CaringKind express our deepest condolences to her family. We applaud her legacy as an Alzheimer’s advocate. [...]

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