ADvancing Care

ADvancing Care is a newsletter for people who work in nursing homes and other residential care settings, and for the families and friends of those who live there. Anyone who is interested in receiving this free newsletter via email, please click here. Current Issue - Winter 2018 How Trauma Can Affect the Person with Dementia Because people with dementia have both memory loss and trouble thinking, there is a tendency to think that past events are ‘lost’ to them, and have little or no impact on their lives in the present. However, although experiences or emotions from the past can sometimes be e [...]

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Publications & Newsletters

Current Newsletter - Winter 2017-2018 How do you take care of yourself? Many family caregivers are often unsure how to answer this question. The idea of finding time for themselves is a foreign concept. They have not taken a vacation in a few years. Meetings with friends are limited and seeing a doctor for themselves may occur once in a while. There is no doubt that caring for a person with dementia is challenging and exhausting. Too often caregiving responsibilities become the priority and self-care is placed on the back burner.Read online Download PDF Introducing the CaringKind Comics! Car [...]

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Palliative Care

Announcing the launch of Palliative Care for People with Dementia Guidelines! We are making a meaningful contribution to the improvement of residential care for persons with dementia. In the future we will continue to imbed the principles of palliative care in our work supporting persons with the disease, their family members and professional caregivers. Download PDF CaringKind's Palliative Care for Advanced Dementia: Training and Implementation, addresses the need for improving the quality-of-life and care for residents diagnosed with advanced dementia who live in nursing homes, through a p [...]

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