1. Send a Letter/Email

Send a message to your family and friends that includes:

  • An announcement that you are participating in the CaringKind Alzheimer’s Walk
  • Your personal experience: How has Alzheimer’s changed your life and the lives of your family members?
  • Your honoree: Why is your honoree SO special that you chose to walkon his/her behalf?
  • About Alzheimer’s & CaringKind: A few facts about Alzheimer’s disease and the programs and services offered by CaringKind.
  • A direct ask: Ask for a donation. Designate a “deadline”, to create a sense of urgency before the Walk. Provide a link to your fundraising page.  Remind everyone that their donations are 100% tax- deductible and benefit the free programs and services offered by CaringKind.

2. Social Media

Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc.) can not only help distribute your link beyond your immediate circle of friends, family, and colleagues, but frequent updates can also help keep everyone excited about your efforts and may inspire others to participate and join your team! To make your message stand out, don’t just post your link—share stories and photos about your honoree, about how you are getting ready for the CaringKind Alzheimer’s Walk, every time you reach a new milestone, etc.

3. Matching Gifts

Here are a few tips when looking to submit for a Matching Gifts:

START EARLY! Most companies distribute on a quarterly basis, so the sooner you ask, the sooner you’ll receive...but it could be several months.

Search on behalf of your donors, too. Your employer might not match, but your uncle, who works for JP Morgan and just donated $250, qualifies, so be sure to follow up and remind him he can DOUBLE his donation in a matter of minutes.

Be sure to designate “CaringKind – YOUR NAME” on all forms, and remind your donors to do the same. (This reduces processing time.)

To find out if your company has a matching gift policy, please enter your employer's name below.

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Questions? Contact Sandra Martinez, our Database Manager, who handles all matching gift requests—smartinez@caringkindnyc.org or 646-744-2908.